Program Outcomes

Average Time to degree
The 38 training faculty of the BTP currently supervise a total of 297 Ph.D. students, or 7.8 graduate students per group. Over the past ten years, 380 Ph.D.s have been completed, or on average 1.0/faculty/year. The trainees are drawn from a wide variety of U.S. undergraduate institutions, and alumni have taken positions across a broad spectrum of industrial positions.

Percentage of students who successfully attain a PhD
Time to completion is distributed as follows: 3 years (13 students), 4 years (46), 5 years (156), 6years (119), 7 years (29), 8 years (15), 9 years (2), for a mean time to degree of 5.4 years. Twenty students received a Master’s degree as their terminal degree, or only 5% of all the graduate degrees awarded from the training faculty labs.

Average number of publications per students graduated from PhD
Students who have completed their Ph.D. have an average of 3.5 publications, with 1.3 first-author publications. Of the 54 Ph.D.-holding alumni from the trailing decade