Equal Opportunity

Recruitment Activities

The BTP remains active in an Institute wide effort in recruiting underrepresented minority students to MIT. “MIT CONVERGE” program hosts a 4-day to bring strong underrepresented minority candidates to MIT for a Preview Weekend. The BTP Administrator was part of the CONVERGE planning committee and has been a participant in CONVERGE since its first year, in 2004

The BTP Program Administrator attends the ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conferences for Minority Students) National Conference each year where both she and the BE REU Program Administrator meet and discuss graduate studies at MIT with approximately 65 students interested in Biological Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and/or Computational and Systems Biology.

ABRCMS 2014 Attendee Ethnicity

49.3% Black/African American
25.3 Hispanic/Latino
6.2 Caucasian
Other: Pacific Isander, Asian American, Native American, Other/Do not Diclose

2014 Exhibitor Demographics
78.9% Educational Instutions
14% Associations/Non Profits
5% Federal Agencies
Other: Industry, Foundations/Research Hospitals

Undergraduate Students/Postbac Attendees
2012: 1831
2013: 1775
2014: 1929

Each year, the MIT Biological Engineering booth discusses graduate studies with approximately 55 students interested specifically in Biological Engineering, Computational and Systems Biology, Mathematics or Mechanical Engineering. We meet with additional students that stop by to discuss general topics such as the Application Process, Personal Statements, and Course Requirements. Some students are directed to different booths according to their research interests, other than what MIT may offer.

For an overall summary of the 2014 ABRCMS Statistics please see the website: http://www.abrcms.org/index.php/abrcms/2014-statistics

The MIT BTP also participates in and benefits from a strong preview weekend program called Dow-MIT ACCESS hosted by the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Departments (two of the three core departments of the BTP). The mission of the ACCESS program is to increase the diversity of qualified applicants to PHD programs in chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science throughout the United States. ACCESS is a weekend of educational and informative events that introduces talented sophomores, juniors and seniors to the benefits of a graduate education in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science. The goal of ACCESS is not to prepare students for graduate school at MIT specifically, but rather to introduce them to the advantages of choosing a graduate career path at an institution that best meets each participant’s individual needs. The weekend-long program offers students an overview of graduate education through seminars, faculty talks, and interactive sessions, all designed to give a greater understanding of the application process and an insight into the doors a graduate career can open.

Disabled Student Plan
The MIT Student Disabilities Services office states that “MIT is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for students with disabilities. Our objective is to ensure that qualified students with disabilities receive equal access to all of the Institute’s programs, activities, and services.” With respect to physical disabilities, all MIT facilities are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

With respect to developmental disabilities, MIT specifically recognizes the need for accommodation of individuals with learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome. Specific accomodations can include extended examination times, exams on tape, readers, scribes, distraction reduced settings, and clarification of exam questions.

The BTP Administrator is actively assisting the MIT Students Disabilities office with events and also participated in the Annual Diversity Summits. Please see the 2015 Diversity Summit Agenda.

We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your disability-related needs. SDS staff are located in Room 5-104 and can be reached via telephone at: (617) 253-1674 or email to: uaap-sds@mit.edu.

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