Applying to the Program

Nominations to the BTP will be solicited at the end of each spring semester, for appointment to commence in the summer. Please send your nominations to Darlene Ray in room 16-249.

NIGMS/MIT Biotechnology Training Program Application: [DOC]

Steering Committee meetings are held in January, May, and August, to appoint new trainees from amongst nominees, and assess progress of current trainees. Each trainee appointment is for a period of three years, assuming acceptable progress in the program.

The following information must be submitted to the Program Coordinator:

  1. Nomination Letter from the Faculty Advisor
  2. One page “Statement of Purpose”
  3. Student Resume
  4. MIT Transcripts
  5. BTP Course Plan
  6. Statement of Intent to Perform Internship

Students from underrepresented minority groups, women, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.