Internship Information

Statements of Intent to Perform and Supervise Internships [PDF]

Q. Is there a list of generally available internship opportunities?

A. Internships most relevant to the individual trainee’s interests generally arise from their thesis advisor’s connections to industry. However, the BTP also enjoys a close relationship to the biotechnology companies in the portfolio of Flagship Ventures, and local internship opportunities can often be arranged at one of the companies at: The BTP Steering Committee may also provide informal guidance and suggestions if necessary.

Q. What types of prior industrial experience are acceptable to waive a BTP internship?

A. If the trainee has been employed for 3 or more months in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry prior to matriculation at MIT, the BTP internship requirement has been met.

Q. How is the trainee paid?

A. The BTP continues to pay the trainees’ stipend during the internship. The student maintains an MIT appointment, and retains continuity in health insurance and other benefits. The BTP can only cover round-trip travel costs to and from the internship site. It is suggested that perhaps the sponsoring company may have means of providing access to short term local housing.

Q. How is intellectual property developed during the internship managed?

A. During the course of the internship, trainees retain an MIT appointment, and therefore continue to be covered by the terms of an Inventions and Proprietary Information Agreement executed upon their arrival at MIT ( At the discretion of the sponsoring company and the trainee, the trainee may execute a confidential disclosure agreement to cover proprietary company information the trainee may be exposed to during the internship.

If IP concerns are substantial, it is suggested that internship projects be designed to consist of nonconfidential, publishable work that will not result in new IP.

Host companies with an interest in protecting proprietary information that the student may be exposed to during the internship visit may execute a nondisclosure agreement with the student. Please refer to MIT OSP Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) website: [LINK]