Biotechnology Training Program

          2017 NIH/NIGHM Interdepartmental Biotechnology Training Program Retreat

MIT offers advanced research and training in Biotechnology through a unique interdisciplinary program with the Departments of Biological Engineering, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the Biotechnology Training Program requirements are more demanding than standard departmental requirements, however, trainees benefit from increased contact with faculty and students from outside their department, and through opportunities for closer contact with the biotechnology industry.

The Biotechnology Training Program provides excellent training for chemists, chemical engineers or biologists, mathematicians, which plan to work in the biotechnology industry directly, or carry out research in a university concerned with this dynamic emerging new industry.

The program is open to graduate students in good standing in the above mentioned departments. Students participating in the program take a broader range of course material to integrate biochemical, genetic, and engineering knowledge. In addition they participate in small seminars identifying the problems at the cutting edge of the application of biotechnology to medical, industrial and environmental problems.

Students obtain the Ph.D. degree in the discipline of their individual department, i.e., Biological Engineering, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics.